Atomic Pic is an animation studio created in 2020 in Liège, Belgium.

We produce 3D animation. Our expertise goes from short and features films to commercials, games and AR/VR experiences.

From layout to final animation, we cover the entire process of animation. We pay particular attention to the director’s needs and we meet the essential requirements of a production. We make a point to deliver the animations in time by following the production’ schedule.

We have a slight preference for cartoonish style but we can also provide semi-realistic and realistic animations according to the look that you want.

We also offer services related to 3D puppet creation. Humanoïdes, props, vehicles, creatures, animals, we are able to customize our rigs to meet all your demands.

We can exploit every ressources that is used on a classic pipeline in terms of deformation. We can also offer compatible rigs with a real-time engine for your AR/VR projects, cinematics and video games.


  1. AfterTouch
  2. Cynaptek
  3. The Fridge
  4. Langue au Chat
  5. Pole Image
  6. MPC episodic
  7. Nozon
  8. The Pack
  9. Waooh!


Feel free to contact us to talk about your project or ask for a quote. We will come back to you as soon as possible !

Contact us: hello@atomicpic.be
Rue Louis Jamme 11, 4020 Liege Belgique.

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